There has been a lot of discussion about who will be the opponent of minister Rilapan rajani this time in guntur West. As this West seat is a stronghold of TDP, many people contested. Kovelamudi ravindra (Nani) is in charge here. However, Chandrababu turned everyone's expectations upside down and gave a seat to a woman belonging to the most backward classes in BC. She is the mother of thunder stones.

And minister Rajni is more in social media than in public. He is known to rush in front of the media. But her rival Madhavi's politics is different. madhavi became a giant killer as soon as she got a seat. The strange thing is that madhavi was also given a seat in the cast equation by Chandrababu. She belonged to the rajaka social group in bc, while her husband Galla Ramachandra Rao belonged to the kamma social group. Rajni belongs to mudiraj social class in BC. She hails from Yadadri, bhuvanagiri district of telangana state.

Rajani became the daughter-in-law of Chilakaluripet when she married Risham Kumaraswamy, who belonged to the Kapu community of Chilakaluripet. rajani, who won the seat with this bc Kapu equation.. In the last election, apart from saying that he is from bc, when he went to Attu Kapu voters, he claimed that he is your daughter-in-law. This time, madhavi is doing nothing but saying that.

Madhavi Itte is impressive in personality. Whether madhavi got a seat or not, madhavi Minister Rajini who is going coolly and smoothly to the people is sweating. Instead of being aggressive like Rajinikanth, they are making very smooth criticisms and are penetrating the people. Every word madhavi speaks seems to make everyone think. The way madhavi treats Rajini, who is doing politics very coolly and aggressively, is also impressive to everyone.

In any case, if the minister defeats Rajini, madhavi of thunderbolts..Guntur will proudly step into the assembly as the political giant killer. Let's see if she can achieve it. Sanakkayala Aruna, who had won from here in the past, became the minister. Now that Madhavi's bc equation has also come together, discussions have also started that she may even become a minister.

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