In recent times, the nature of politics has completely changed. In general, however, there is criticism between parties. It is known that when the election comes, things like this happen a bit more. But in the past, if such criticisms were to be made, those who criticized only politically would mention what the respective leaders did when they were in office, what mistakes they made. But in recent times, personal criticism has increased.

They are criticizing each other by targeting personal matters. And such personal criticism speaks volumes about today's politics. Meanwhile, in the context of assembly elections in Telangana, criticism in politics has once again reached its peak. All parties are moving forward with the goal of winning. In this order, steps are being taken to bring the failures of the opposing parties to the public. In times like this, leaders who make personal criticisms are also seen a bit more.

  Kadiyam Kavya is currently contesting as warangal mp candidate from congress party. But first she got ticket from BRS. But the party is in dire straits.. Kadyam Kavya wrote a letter to kcr saying that he cannot stay in BRS due to some cases surrounding the reputation of the party. In this order, it is noteworthy that the opponents are criticizing Kadyam Kavya, the candidate of the congress party.

Local and non-local are also targeting personal matters. bjp mp candidate Aruri Ramesh Kadiam, who spoke on the same issue, demanded that Kavya should be told what is her connection with Warangal. Mohammed Kavya Naduruddin criticized that she is not Kadiyam Kavya. Kadiam Kavya's mother-in-law's hometown is Guntur.. Why is she from guntur now contesting in Warangal? Aruri Ramesh asked that all the people should think about this matter once and support him as a local.

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