It is needless to say how much the politics in andhra pradesh is heating up day by day.. Especially in rajampet tdp, dissatisfaction is being heard for the last few days. Now tdp is facing a strange situation in rajampet constituency. tdp candidate Balasubramaniam is also conducting the election campaign. Chandrababu is continuing the election campaign saying that I am the candidate. On the other hand, tdp leader Changal Rayudu has taken up door-to-door campaigning. It seems that chandrababu naidu is confident that the rajampet candidate will be considered.

As two leaders were campaigning in rajampet, there was confusion among the tdp workers. At the same time, the activists and leaders of both the leaders are also making various arrangements to show their strengths. Changal Rayudu's behavior is suddenly becoming a headache for the leadership. Trying to correct this leader is not showing results. The telugu brothers are expressing their impatience as the two leaders participated in campaigning in Rajampet.

Arguments are being heard that the TDP's attempt to gain foothold in cm Jagan's own district is being undermined by the party leaders. In the 2019 elections, ycp made a clean sweep in kadapa districts. This time, Chandrababu has brought new candidates into the field in the background of wanting to show his presence in the elections. This has led to differences between the tdp leaders. With this, a fire is burning between new and old leaders in Rajampet. tdp has allocated ticket to Balasubramaniam and not Changal Rayudu, who has been in charge of rajampet tdp for five years. It is reported that the chief who is making many efforts to change the candidate is not agreeing to this.

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