Twist in the list. ycp is changing the kadapa mp candidate!

Ahead of the election schedule, ycp announced candidates in 175 assembly and 24 parliament constituencies. After that, with the announcement of another lok sabha candidate, YSRCP ( YSRCP ) candidates started campaigning in all the constituencies. Recently in some assembly and lok sabha constituencies, there is a campaign that ycp candidates will be changed. A list is going viral on social media saying that there is a chance to change candidates in four to five constituencies in the combined krishna and guntur districts. Since there are strong candidates from the nda alliance, it seems that cm jagan is thinking of changing the candidates in some positions, thinking that it will be difficult to face the existing candidates. There is a big campaign going on and the kadapa mp candidate will also be changed.

Coordinators are appointed for the constituencies before the announcement of candidates. jagan indicated that almost they will be the candidates. Many leaders thought that this would guarantee them a ticket. But then there were changes in the coordinators. On march 16, the final list of ycp MLA and mp candidates was announced in Idupulapaya. With this, the leaders who got the tickets started the campaign. Acceptance of nominations will start on Friday. Meanwhile, it seems that cm jagan is going to give a big twist.

There is a campaign going on that the kadapa mp candidate will be changed. Jagan's brother avinash Reddy is contesting from here. On the other hand, Jagan's sister sharmila is contesting from Congress. sharmila is campaigning that jagan gave the ticket to the accused in Viveka's murder case. On the other hand, if avinash Reddy loses by splitting Sharmila's votes, Jagan's prestige in his district will be tarnished, and there is a campaign going on to change the candidate here. It seems that there is a possibility that abhishek Reddy will replace avinash Reddy. An official announcement regarding the change of candidates is yet to come. On social media, a list saying change of candidates is going viral.

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