YCP's new ideas for the candidate in Anakapalle..!?

It is known that YCP's exercises are still going on regarding the Anakapalli mp seat. cm Ramesh is the candidate of the tdp alliance who is contesting from there. He is very strong in the middle of the body. That's why they crossed many districts and brought him. That's why the ycp leadership took care of all the cast equations along with the local card and fielded deputy chief minister Budi Muthyalanaidu. Budi is a capable leader in all respects. But the party has to think a bit about coping with the weakness of cm Ramesh Ardhabalam. That's why it is known that new ideas are being developed in YCP. It is said that ycp is looking to bring Budi back as the Madugula mla candidate and field him as the Anakapalli mp candidate.
Among the affected social groups in Anakapalli are Gavaras. It is known that the mp from that social group was not given a seat in the Assembly. The ycp, which gave priority to the Kapu community in the Assembly, fielded Budi from the velama community as an MP. Now the campaign is going on as if they are trying to field an mp candidate from the Gawara social group to fit all the cash-cast equations. The campaign is going on as if they are thinking that a blockbuster victory can be achieved in two places if a brave candidate is sent to the ring and the dust is sent to the ponds. It is reported that former minister Bandaru Satyanarayanamurthy from Madugula is thinking of contesting from the tdp as an excuse to defeat him. However, the observers say that the truth of these changes being promoted by the ycp will not be known until a few days.

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