Rajampet: More Concerns pile up for YCP.!?

Andhra Pradesh politics is one level but kadapa district politics is another level. The most prestigious constituency is Rajampet. Many people contested for the ycp seat of this constituency. But Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy has finalized the ticket for amarnath reddy and not the sitting mla Meda mallikarjun Reddy. But he is not active in that constituency. There is a chance to win but it seems that amarnath is going far to win. In this constituency, there is an extreme factional fight in the tdp party.
It seems that amarnath reddy is failing to use this class war. And let's see what the details are. jagan gave the seat to the sitting mla Meda mallikarjun Reddy and not to Rajampet. mallikarjun Reddy's brother raghu was sent to the Rajya Sabha. But who doesn't like his style here? Recently, it seems that rajampet MP Peddireddy mithun reddy has gone near mla Meda. It is reported that he has also asked you to support him. He said sarcastically to mla Meda mithun reddy, "What's wrong with me?" On the one hand, Meda did not show support for the party and did not take even a single rupee from his pocket, so it seems that there is some disappointment in the ranks of the party. Moreover, all ranks of ycp are unhappy about it.
  Contesting elections will definitely cost a lot of money. But this mla candidate is not taking even a rupee out of his pocket and is maintaining the money given by the party. It seems that all the lower-level leaders of ycp are expressing their concern that if this thread continues like this, it will be a week when they will spoil the rajampet seat won by YCP. It remains to be seen whether the administration will respond to this and activate it or not.

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