Dhairysheel Patil resigns, and Sharad can give a ticket...

Trouble seems to be brewing for bjp in maharashtra before the lok sabha elections. Dhairyasheel Patil has resigned from the party. It is being told that Patil had also met sharad pawar yesterday. In such a situation, speculations are being made that he may soon join ncp Sharad Chandra Pawar.

According to Marathi media reports, when bjp released the first candidate list for maharashtra lok sabha, it was decided to field Ranjit Singh Naik Nimbalkar from Madha seat. It is discussed that Mohite Patil is very angry with this decision of the BJP. It is believed that he can join ncp (Sharadchandra Pawar) and sharad pawar can give him a ticket from the seat of his choice.

What did Dhairyasheel Patil say while resigning from the BJP?

Dhairysheel Patil said that he has taken over the post of General Secretary of bharatiya janata party, Solapur district Organization. Besides, he also had the responsibility of Malshiras assembly Election Chief. He formed and implemented organizations like the district, Divisional Executive Committee, Morcha, Cell etc. Besides, shakti Kendra, Mahayodha, and booth structures were also activated. Dhairyasheel Patil said that he will always be grateful for the confidence reposed in him by the party and the public. Along with this, he informed that due to personal reasons, he is resigning from all the posts of bjp as well as the party. Dhairysheel Patil requested the party high command to accept the resignation.

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