'Congress rule...', Union minister Gajendra targeted...

The electoral atmosphere has become more vibrant with the presence of Rajput versus Rajput candidates in the jodhpur lok sabha seat. Expressing confidence in Union Jal shakti minister and former mp gajendra singh shekhawat, the bharatiya janata party has given him a third chance. Whereas congress is changing its candidate for the third time. Has made karan Singh Uchiyarda his candidate. Leaders and workers of both political parties have entered the battle for victory in the elections. And the statement is also making headlines in the media. There are heated discussions on social media about the viral video.

'Congress rule will not come in the coming 50 years'

BJP lok sabha candidate gajendra singh shekhawat said that congress ruled the country for 55 years. But he could not do any good to the country. The kind of scams and terrorist incidents that took place in the period from 2004 to 2014. She is not hidden from anyone. But in 2014, when the bjp government was formed under the leadership of narendra Modi, the people of the country saw the difference in the rule of both governments. Today the country is going through a phase of change. india is moving rapidly towards becoming a developed India.

'BJP has become the largest party in the world'

Shekhawat said that today there is no one to take the name of congress in the country. The current situation seems to indicate that congress rule may not return for the next 50 years. Shekhawat said that with the blessings of the people of the country, the bharatiya janata party has become the largest party in the world. The party has formed a majority government in the country twice. Because the people of the country have faith in Modi ji's rule. There has been a change in the lives of the poor.

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