Survey: It is this party that comes district-wise..!?

The campaigning for the assembly Lok Sabha elections in andhra pradesh state is getting hotter day by day. Currently, all the parties are ready to make Chao Reo during the election campaign. Their weapons were also prepared accordingly. At the same time, many surveys are gaining momentum. All the survey organizations at the national level of the state are now conducting surveys mostly above the Andhra elections. Now a recent survey is shaking up the politics of Andhra Pradesh. So far most of the polls have also revealed that the ysr congress party will take power. So far, survey organizations such as Jan Mat, Lokpal, Atmasakshi, Political Credit, and others have also revealed these things. Now a recent survey called the Naganna survey is coming to light. The survey was released after collecting the opinions of the people in 175 places with approximately 1000 people in each constituency. However, it is reported that this survey continued only from 17th march to 7th April.
After that, the results were released. YSRCP party is sure to win 103 assembly seats. An alliance can get 72 seats.

District wise:
  1). Srikakulam-6
2). Vizianagaram-7
3). Visakhapatnam-5
4). east Godavari-6
5). West Godavari-6
6). Guntur-8
7). Krishna-6
8). Nellore-9
9). Prakasha-8
10). Anantapur-9
11). Chittoor-10
12). Kadapa-10
13). Kurnool-13

Naganna revealed in the survey that the ycp party will win with 103 seats.

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