Family Politics..! Nandamuri and Nara family in the ring..!

Succession in politics is not the case today. Succession politics is not new to telugu soil. But the most prominent political family in ap is the Nandamuri family. This time also three from Nandamuri and Nara families are going to enter the ring. While tdp leader Chandrababu is contesting from kuppam and Nandamuri balakrishna as sitting MLAs from Hindupuram, Nara lokesh will once again contest from the mangalagiri constituency.

These three contested from these three seats in the last assembly elections as well. While Chandrababu and balayya won, lokesh was defeated by alla ramakrishna reddy from Mangalagiri. If Nara lokesh is fighting to win this time and step into the assembly, then ycp is making strategies to defeat Chandrababu and balayya along with Lokesh. ycp has been doing groundwork there for several years to defeat Chandrababu himself and give a big shock. ycp has already defeated tdp in local body elections. It also won the kuppam municipality with a huge majority. Chandramouli's son Bharat, who contested against Chandrababu in the past and significantly reduced his majority, is contesting against Chandrababu this time. Recently, TDP's senior leader M Subrahmanyam Naidu from the kuppam constituency joined the ycp, which is a point of convergence for the party. He is said to be Chandrababu's right hand.

The ranks of tdp think that there may not be any major obstacles to the victory of Nara lokesh in mangalagiri and balakrishna in Hindupuram. Nara lokesh, who was previously attached to Odina mangalagiri, has gained a local foothold by organizing programs there for several years. Here ycp fielded Lavanya, a scumbag belonging to a strong political family belonging to the handloom community. And in Hindupuram, the faction fight in ycp is likely to make Balayya's victory even easier. All in all, these three from the Nandamuri and Nara family are likely to succeed.

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