In Andhra Pradesh, there is a war going on between the political leaders as a pota competition in every matter... especially the Atu Chavorevo situation has arisen between the ycp and tdp parties. In Mandutenda, the leaders of both the parties are also trying to gain strength among the people by visiting all the constituencies. In every matter, jagan and Chandrababu are going above and beyond. Both of them are sharpening their strategies and going further. After ycp announced the candidates, tdp announced the candidates. But it is also heard that there will be some changes at the last minute from both sides of the party.

Especially in this election, the manifesto is crucial for both the parties.. tdp coalition is going to release the manifesto.. ycp is going to release the manifesto solo. Chandrababu also announced Super Six promises in Mahanadu held in rajahmundry last year. Although it was said to be a dussehra Manifesto.. Chandrababu was in jail at that time and then due to alliances, it was revealed that at the end they are going to come up with a joint manifesto.

There was a big news that jagan will release the ycp manifesto on Ugadi.. but even after Ugadi is gone, this manifesto has not been released yet. The reason for that is that the ycp will release the manifesto only after seeing the tdp manifesto. If tdp releases manifesto before ycp, it is heard that tdp is thinking of releasing it with double promises and impressing the people. That is why the tdp manifesto is getting delayed.

However, in the tdp and ycp manifesto, it is reported that there will be increase in social pension, loan waiver and debt waiver for farmers. They are planning to put the promises in the manifesto in the election plan to compete with POTA. people are anxiously waiting for someone's manifesto to be released first. But on the whole, there are reports that both Chandrababu and jagan are playing hide-and-seek about the manifesto. Moreover, there are reports that both jagan and Chandrababu are playing games with the people by saying that they will announce the manifesto.

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