CM Mohan Yadav told kamal nath 'Chhindwara's problem'…

Madhya Pradesh cm Mohan Yadav on wednesday raised the issue of local versus outsider, accusing former cm kamal nath of not allowing local leaders to emerge in the Chhindwara lok sabha constituency. Mohan Yadav was holding a rally in Chhindwara on wednesday in support of bjp candidate vivek Bunty Sahu. Chhindwara is the stronghold of Kamal Nath.

Congress has once again made Kamal Nath's son nakul Nath its candidate from here. cm Mohan Yadav said that this is an election for freedom from Kamal Nath. kamal nath got 45 years as MP. He is saying that he has been doing penance for 45 years. You are not doing any penance but creating problems. They did not allow the local people to emerge. kamal nath should apologize to the people here.

Chhindwara is carrying the burden of Nath family - Mohan Yadav

CM Mohan Yadav said that the son of Chhindwara should become the mp here. Chhindwara is carrying the burden of the Nath family. Mohan Yadav said that Kamal Nath's family members have become MPs from here. Even the wife has become an MP. Let us tell you that kamal nath is currently the mla from Chhindwara.

Chhindwara's child will become mp - cm Mohan Yadav

CM Yadav attacked kamal nath during the election campaign and said, "The weather is changing." Those flying in helicopters will fly in the air, and those standing on the ground will plant the flag. This environment is telling. For the development of Chhindwara, the public has come out on the streets against maintaining the power of one family for years. Gone are the times when only one person would come, make himself eight times, sometimes make his wife, sometimes make his son. The people of Chhindwara have decided that if anyone becomes an mp, he will be a child of Chhindwara.

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