The issue of volunteers has been in the limelight in ap politics for some time now. In the past, Chandrababu and pawan kalyan have made many comments on the volunteers who are helping the people in the villages. The allegations leveled by the duo against volunteers who provide door-to-door welfare schemes have become controversial. Due to this opposition started coming from the people.

In addition to this, Nimmagadda has recently complained to the ec to block Ramesh Kumar and exclude him from the distribution of government schemes. As a result, the ec imposed a ban on them for three months. Due to this, the distribution of pensions was delayed and many old people died, and all this impact fell on Chandrababu. He immediately initiated corrective measures and promised to continue the volunteer system. Along with this, they have announced a bumper offer that their salary will also be doubled.

The ycp leaders are questioning how they can believe that they have made strong comments against volunteers in the past and now vote for them to increase their salaries. Chandrababu criticized not only this system but also the welfare schemes. At present, he has taken a U-turn on these schemes and promised to implement more schemes than jagan if he comes to power.

A few years ago, Chandrababu was accused of stealing personal information through the volunteer system.. This system is very bad. Along with this, controversial comments were made that volunteers are going to houses when there is no one at home. He gave warnings saying that he will not leave any volunteer who causes trouble to the tdp workers. Now ycp leaders are posting all these on their social media. On the whole, ap politics is not progressing without the topic of volunteers.

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