Shivraj reached Ichhawar for the first time in 17 years…

There is a myth in Ichhawar headquarters, the hometown of madhya pradesh Revenue minister Karan Singh Verma, that whichever cm comes here, is not able to sit on the chair. Many CMs who came to Ichhawar have lost their chairs. This was the reason why the then chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who was in power in the state for more than one and a half decades, never came to Ichhawar.

At present, Shivraj Singh Chauhan is no longer the cm and is the bjp candidate from Vidisha parliamentary seat. Ichhawar assembly seat is also included in the Vidisha parliamentary seat, hence former cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan reached Ichhawar city on thursday (April 11) and addressed a public meeting at dussehra ground.

'Narendra Modi is the number one leader of the country'

Former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on thursday visited and worshiped Matarani on the holy festival of navratri and wished for the well-being and welfare of the country and the people of the state. The former cm addressed the worker's conference in Ichhawar assembly of Vidisha Lok Sabha. During this, Chauhan said that 'The number one leader of the country is narendra modi and the number one party of the country is Bharatiya Janata Party. We all are bjp workers and we are workers to build the country.

He said 'BJP is a wonderful party and today workers from every polling booth are present here, so I bow my head to all of you. Taking a jibe at sonia gandhi and rahul Gandhi, Shivraj said that only the top leaders of congress are running away from the elections. Madam sonia gandhi has refused to contest elections from Rae Bareli. Till now the name of the candidate from Rae bareli has not been announced and when rahul Gandhi was asked to contest from Amethi, he said that I am going to the South. Now the fate of a party whose leaders refuse to contest elections is certain. There is nothing left in congress now. The intelligence of congress has been corrupted.

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