The court allowed the cbi to take kavitha into custody…

The court has permitted the cbi to take Kavitha, who was arrested in the delhi liquor scam case, to custody for three days in Tihar Jail. cbi said that Kavitha, who is in judicial custody, will be arrested on Thursday. kavitha informed her husband Anil about this. The cbi produced kavitha in Delhi's Rouse Avenue court on Friday. The special counsel on behalf of the cbi told the court that kavitha was interrogated on the 6th of this month in tihar jail and she did not cooperate with the investigation. He said that kavitha was the one who connected the liquor merchants to arvind kejriwal and that kavitha was the key mastermind and protagonist in the case, and that is why Kavitha's statement should be recorded.

Kavitha was asked to be allowed in custody for 5 days. Advocate vikram Choudhary presented arguments virtually on behalf of Kavitha. He asked that a petition be pending for permission to investigate kavitha by cbi, and how can they be arrested at such a time. He said that there were orders from the court to give information before they wanted to interrogate Kavitha, but the cbi ignored them. The lawyer on behalf of cbi objected to this. They said that they had given the information a day before. It was revealed that Kavitha's arrest was sent to her husband on thursday afternoon.

CBI's lawyer said that kavitha was arrested only with the permission of the court. vikram Choudhary questioned that the cbi remand reports and the matters mentioned are very old and what is the need to arrest them based on them. After hearing the arguments, Justice kaveri Bhaveja dismissed the petition challenging the cbi interrogation and two petitions challenging the arrest. kavitha was sent to cbi custody for 3 days and the verdict was announced. cbi has been ordered to produce her in court on the 15th of this month.

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