A tiger aggressively chased a bison near Pollachi!

A video of a tiger chasing a buffalo for food in the Topslip forest near pollachi is going viral on the internet. Severe drought is prevailing in various parts of tamil Nadu due to scorching sun. However, due to the intense heat in the forest areas, wild animals such as elephants, leopards, bears, tigers, and wildebeests leave the dense forests and visit the roads where the people travel and the residential areas of the tribal and hill peoples in search of food and water.

In this case, a tiger is aggressively chasing a bison on the way to the Connemara teak area from Topslip area under the Ulanthi Forest of pollachi, Anaimalai tiger Reserve. A tourist who went there took a picture of this scene on his cell phone and uploaded this video on social media. This video is currently going viral on social media.

Also, as the summer vacation has started, the tourist arrivals to Valparai and Topslip near pollachi have started to increase. In this case, tourists are happy to see elephants, tigers, buffaloes, and deer in the area under pollachi Anaimalai tiger Reserve and are taking various video recordings.

However, the forest department is warning that tourists should not take dangerous photographs of the wildlife living in the forest area or harm the wildlife. Also, the forest department officials have said that if they violate the warning of the forest department and take photographs of the wild animals, a case will be registered against them under the Forest Rights Act and action will be taken against them.

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