Woke up like Kumbhakarna. Sharmila's harsh comments…

Andhra Pradesh congress President YS sharmila ( YS sharmila ) is heating up with the election campaign. local mla Madhusudan reddy was fired upon in a meeting held during the campaign in Srikalahasti. On asking the locals about him, they said that he is a Vasul raja and does not do a single thing. sharmila accused that the land and sand mafia are being destroyed by encroachments. He criticized that industries are going backward. He expressed his grief that he was given a ticket again despite doing so much exploitation. Voters were advised that they would come to ask for votes in this election as well and take money no matter how much they give. He asked that even if money is taken while voting, it should be given to the leader who thinks and solves public problems. They said that if you vote without thinking it will be like making people slaves.

What did they do if they gave power to ycp for five years..?. The state should get special status. In the past, Chandrababu and now jagan cheated people. Both the ruling party and the opposition have become slaves of the BJP. They cheated by saying that they would give status. At least the state has no capital. hyderabad is the capital of Telangana, Bangalore is of karnataka and chennai is the capital of tamil Nadu. But what is the capital of our state..?. The prices of essential commodities in the state have gone up a lot. While giving money on one side, they are taking money on the other side. This is probably what pressing the button is all about. Unemployment has increased in the state. He said that 2.30 lakh jobs will be filled. Annual job calendar. They said that they would build Mega DSC. After coming to power, there was no Mega DSC. No job calendar.

Sharmila criticized that cm jagan woke up like Kumbhakarna before the elections. They said that there is a rush during the elections with the notification of jobs. They wanted congress to come to power if the state wanted special status. He said that the congress has put in the manifesto that the status will be given for 10 years. He said that if the congress comes to power, they will implement a loan waiver of Rs 2 lakh and provide assistance of Rs 1 lakh per year to every poor woman. They said that each poor family would be given Rs.5 lakh to build pucca houses. YS sharmila made it clear that the development of the state is possible only with Congress.

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