Jagan woke up 6 months before the election: YS Sharmila…

APCC president YS sharmila, who has intensified the election campaign, once again lashed out at her elder brother, ap cm jagan Mohan Reddy. She was furious that cm jagan woke up 6 months before the election. They flagged that they are rushing about job notifications and they have cheated on the ban on alcohol. jagan himself is selling liquor saying that liquor is banned. Adulterated alcohol everywhere. 25 percent of additional deaths due to adulterated liquor in AP. Everything looks like Bhum Bhum, DSC, Capital, and Special Status Brands. Jagan's promises stood in the liquor shop,'' they said. She spoke at a huge open meeting of the congress in Jammalamadugu.

Sharmila said that vivekananda reddy is Jagan's self-sacrifice and no one in this district does not know Viveka. She stated that a leader like him is nowhere to be found. sharmila expressed grief that such a leader was brutally hacked to death and it has been 5 years since he was killed. The killers have not been punished till now. jagan is protecting the guilty by obstructing the authority. There is power but the development of the state is not possible. jagan only knows how to do murderous politics. cbi has all the evidence. However, even avinash Reddy's hair is missing. For 2 days in Kurnool, Kapu Kasina could not arrest avinash Reddy. The killers are roaming outside, blocking the authority. I stood as an mp to fight the politics of murder. I have dared to prevent those who committed murders from entering the legislature. people should think whether it is avinash Reddy who committed the murders... YSR's child who stood for justice. Will be between you. Live with you. I will serve only for you", said YS Sharmila.

"Jammalamadugu is my birthplace. ysr was also born in the same Jammalamadugu. ysr served as a doctor in Jammalamadugu. Anna jagan Mohan reddy was also born here. jagan is born here but... even the superintendent of the hospital wears a scarf. He is rotating in party programs. That is jagan Mohan Reddy. jammalamadugu Mounds Area. They wanted to set up ysr kadapa Steel here. Had ysr survived, kadapa Steel would have been completed sometime. Chandrababu once performed Bhumi Puja. jagan performed earth puja twice. The situation of kadapa Steel seems to be repeated again and again. jagan Mohan reddy should answer. kadapa Steel Factory has done Nee Bhumi Pujala Factory. kadapa mp avinash Reddy did not agitate for kadapa Steel for a single day. At least he did not speak for a single day in Parliament. And jagan Mohan reddy has given many assurances," he said.

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