The election rush continues in Andhra Pradesh.. On May 13, the politics of andhra pradesh has become interesting due to the simultaneous assembly and lok sabha elections in the state. Also, it is known that the main opposition parties, telugu Desam, bjp and Jana Sena have formed a joint alliance.

The alliance has also announced its candidates and is trying to attract people by organizing political meetings in each constituency. Recently, politics has become more interesting in Sarvepalli in nellore district. somireddy chandramohan reddy is contesting in the LS polls.. This time the fight between the two candidates will be fierce.

Somireddy Chandramohan reddy said that he is not local to Sarvepalli, but minister Kakani is campaigning saying that he is not a local. As a part of this, he reminded that minister Kakani had contested as ZPTC in Saidapuram saying that he should not contest if he is a non-local. The fight between local vs non-local war of words continued in Nellore

He also said that Adala reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>prabhakar reddy who is contesting in nellore Rural, Nallapureddy prasanna Kumar reddy who is contesting in Kovuru and Mekapati Rajagopal reddy who is contesting in udayagiri are all non-local people. It does not matter if the candidate contesting in the election is local or non-local. Somireddy said that the ycp government has cheated the poor people and has done injustice to the weaker sections.

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