Vijaya Prabhakaran has come as his avatar - Shanmukha Pandian

His brother Shanmuga Pandian campaigned in support of the DMD candidate Vijaya Prabhakaran, saying that no one should yearn for Vijayakanth, the second image of my father, my brother Vijaya Prabhakaran.

In support of DMDK candidate Vijaya Prabhakaran contesting from Virudhunagar Parliamentary Constituency, his younger brother Shanmukha Pandian campaigned in different parts of sivakasi city today. Campaigning from street to street, he went to the sivakasi Anna vegetable market and collected votes for his brother from traders and the public.

Speaking during the campaign, he said people's love and affection are very important to my brother. I have to show love to my brother like we showed love to our father Vijayakanth when he stood for election. Vijayakanth is not there, we miss not being able to see him. Let no one yearn. Annan Vijayaprabhakaran is contesting in your constituency as a replica of my father.

If you all show love and affection to him, he will speak about issues in delhi as our voice. He knows english and Hindi. Will work well. Drink the change, give our brother a chance, and see.

While he was speaking a young woman standing with a child called out a request to me, "If you win, lower the price of gold." He demanded that gold has gone up to Rs 9,000 per gram and we could not buy gold. He immediately said that whatever his brother could do, he would speak in delhi and do it to the people

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