Jagan, Chandrababu and pawan kalyan were pelted with stones within 24 hours in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But jagan was injured while Chandrababu and Pawan were not injured. But the politics of stones is becoming a hot topic in AP. Are people really angry enough to throw stones at political leaders? It is noteworthy that the answer to the question is no. The comments are saying that the attack on jagan was a real attack.
While eggs and tomatoes have been thrown at many political leaders in the past, stone pelting is disturbing the main political leaders. Information is being received that these stone peltings are attacks on the leaders of the other party out of favor with the party and not personal attacks. If the accused is found in the case of attack on jagan, there is a chance to know who are the real people behind the politics of stones.
While leading news channels are broadcasting the news that the real accused has been found in the stone pelting case and the accused is being interrogated in the secret area of the police, the truth should be known in the news. It can be said that there will be chances to know whether there is any progress in the case of attack on jagan only if the police responds officially. On the other hand, the person who attacked Pawan said that he is Pawan's fan.
The person made comments that some people misunderstood me and attacked me when I went to shake hands with Pawan. It can be said that there is a need for the police to act more cautiously so that stone pelting does not happen in the future in AP. ycp fans want to give Jud Plus security to cm Jagan. It remains to be seen how many twists and turns the case of attack on jagan will take in the coming days.

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