Don't throw stones at me.. I will build a Durga with them.. said the optimist. This Nanu is often mentioned to say that it is about positive mentality. Not everything can be removed sometimes. Because in Christian stories, a boy named David knocks down a monster named Goliath with a small pebble. That is Gulakarai Power.. It is about those stones but now the politics of stones is running in AP.

Yesterday jagan got injured on his eye when someone threw a stone at him during his visit to Vijayawada. Along with him, Vellampalli also got an eye injury. With this, the political scene of ap has suddenly turned into the politics of stones. Usually this is a minor incident. A security breach. It is sufficient if the security of the cm is arranged more strictly. But that's where Andhra politics started. If ycp wants to change this in their favor, where will jagan get mileage, even worse than that, tdp social media has made social media crazy with a campaign called Kodikatthi 2.0.

It was not a stone that was actually thrown.. there was an attack with an air gun.. If the ycp leaders were agitated that their mission was to kill him.. the tdp leaders expressed suspicions that the attack was carried out by the YCP. Not only that.. Actually it was not a stone attack.. The tdp sympathizers have made analytical videos to make it seem like they are creating a scene by stone-attacking the injury sustained when Gajamala was thrown earlier.

Did it end with all that.. Is it Bengo that jagan will get mileage.. or is it the pano of the hooligans.. Chandrababu and Pawan's stone attacks also created a stir in the Houses. Whether you want to say that stones will fall on your Jagan..or us..or..want to dilute the issue of attack on Jagan..otherwise..what mobsters got inspired by stone attack on jagan but..stones were thrown on jagan and Pawan. But none of that was enough for them, but the news of stone attack on Chandrababu and Pawan also served to make the rounds.

And for another week, the politics of these stones will continue in AP. Apart from that.. on election plans.. assurances on people's problems.. what we did when we were in power.. what we will do if we come to power, instead of discussing the issues of stone pelting.. secrets. This is the politics of Andhra stone politics.

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