Bommaji Anil's enduring commitment to TDP..!?

- Bommaji Anil in josh who spends crores on the party.
- Campaign for Chintalapudi.
- From America to Andhra, Vainam is struggling for party victory.

Leaders who change parties every day. Leaders who change party scarves every week as needed. Many people are seen in other politics. It has become common to change parties as per the need for every election. After working hard for the party for years and spending crores of rupees. Even if the seat does not get the candidate working dedicatedly for the party and trying to win the party ticket. Really any party needs such leaders. In current politics, such leaders are not seen in the magnifying glass. Among such good leaders, special mention should be made of Bommaji Anil, the young leader of the telugu Desam Party. Anil, the second son of late ex-IAS Bommaji Danam, is highly educated and has built a large business empire in America. Along with establishing many companies and providing employment opportunities to many people, he is continuing in the field of education and service in india with the determination to serve the land of his birth.
Vijay Kumar has won as mla from Santnuthalapadu constituency. Vijay, who later joined TDP, is going to contest this election from the same constituency. Anil chose Chintalapudi sc Reserve Constituency of eluru District with the determination to enter politics in the same way as his brother Vijay Kumar and do public service. Anil's family also has colleges in Aswaraopet in Telangana, adjacent to Chintalapudi constituency. There is no doubt that Anil, who entered the Chintalapudi constituency a year ago when the party was going through a tough time, spent lakhs of rupees like fresh water and gave a breath of fresh air to the telugu desam party which was dull in this reserved constituency.

Chandrababu's visit to the constituency along with Lokesh's Yuvagalam padayatra, mini Mahanadu, and other assembly meetings, Anil spent a lot of money and brought good momentum to the party. Anil told roshan Kumar that he would work for his victory without any pain. He also openly said that he would participate in campaigning in the constituency before the elections. Instead of stopping there, he is touring the Santhanuthalapadu constituency where his elder brother Vijay is contesting and helping anyone in trouble as well...showing his generous mentality. Many leaders want to give Anil a good position in terms of the party in the future.

Even in the constituency of Chintalapudi, which loved him for a year, Anil has been supporting the cadre of the telugu desam party in any kind of trouble. Anil needs to be said hats off in this regard. Not only in the Santnutalapadu constituency where his brother is contesting.. but also in the Chintalapudi constituency where he had unsuccessfully hoped for a ticket, and also in America, motivating many Telugus and explaining the need for telugu Desam Party's victory in this election. To tell the truth, he did not get a seat in Chintalapudi. I thought he would forget this constituency, but no matter how much help is given to many workers, treating them all here with love and affection. It must be said that the positivity of the party towards Anil. It must be said that if such leaders are all over the state, the telugu desam party will have any support.

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