YCP's leader's physical attack..!?

Politics has heated up in east godavari district. Especially the leaders of the ycp party started fighting in the open. Recently in Kovvur, ycp ranks shocked each other by beating each other. A fight broke out between them when a large-scale meeting was arranged. mla Talari venkatarao and ap government Adviser rajeev Krishna attended this meeting. In front of them, ycp leaders from both sides committed a physical attack. The leaders who came there were shocked when these ycp workers were beaten at once.
They played the role of a silent spectator, unable to stop their agitation. Until recently we have seen the clashes between the tdp Jana Sena ranks. Now such incidents are happening in ycp too. It seems that these conflicts are happening due to the changes in the list released in the first round. Many people thought that the discontent that had arisen over this was over. But it is noteworthy that there are still fights about it.
On the other hand, ap cm jagan was pelted with stones. The stone hit him on the upper left side, causing the skin to break into a Y shape. The police and other authorities are working continuously to find out who is the assailant of the attack. These incidents and clashes are causing a lot of concern in AP. He has only one more time left for the elections and till then the police need to ensure that untoward incidents do not take place. Again polls say jagan will win but anything can happen. So it is better not to come to the prediction. If cm jagan wins this time, Chandrababu may not have a chance to become the cm again. The big question is who will lead the telugu desam party after Chandrababu.

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