The BRS party, which suffered a setback in the assembly elections, wants to show its power in the parliament elections. 

It is in this order that the pieces move intending to win. At a time like this, the party is facing unexpected setbacks. Together, the leaders who won from that party and are currently sitting MPs are finally saying goodbye to the party and joining another party. We are also seeing another party gaining strength in the parliamentary elections. However, a similar situation prevailed in the Zaheerabad parliament Constituency. Unforeseen developments are taking place in politics there. Generally, Zaheerabad parliament Constituency is called BRS Kanchkota.

  Because BRS has won twice here. But now mp Bibi Patil who won from the same BRS is joining the bjp and contesting. Generally, BCs are Lingayat lay in this parliamentary segment. Until now, three times elections have been held in the Zaheerabad parliamentary segment and three times the Lingayat leaders have won. There are 8 constituencies in this parliament segment.

  At present, Bibi Patil is standing on behalf of the bjp in this parliamentary segment. suresh Shetkar has been given a ticket on behalf of Congress. After the sitting mp Bibi Patil left the party, BRS fielded Gali Anil Kumar, who joined the BRS before the assembly elections, from here. But if we look at the votes received in the last assembly elections in this parliament segment, the congress got a total of 5 lakh 47 thousand ten votes in all the assembly seats. And the BRS party got 5 lakh twenty-nine thousand 547 votes. Only 1 lakh 71,100 votes were polled for BJP. In the last assembly elections, compared to the votes received by the congress and BRS party, bjp could not get at least half. And sitting mp Bibi Patil from the Lingayat community is contesting in the parliamentary elections. Can get votes has become a hot topic.

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