Currently, the politics in the Zaheerabad lok sabha segment has heated up like never before in the wake of the parliamentary elections. 

It is known that all the parties are moving towards the goal of winning. However, the BRS party, which suffered a setback in the last assembly elections, wants to assert its power in the parliamentary elections. However, the argument that kcr made a mistake in the case of the candidate fielded in Zaheerabad is heard here and there. Because there are more Lingayat voters along with Munnuru Kapu in Zaheerabad parliament Constituency.

  In a way, Lingayats will continue to dominate there. So far three elections have been held in the Zaheerabad Parliamentary Constituency, congress won once and BRS won twice. But it is noteworthy that these three times the leaders from the Lingayat community were elected as MPs. Sitting mp Bibi Patil has left trs and is contesting from BJP. On the other hand, suresh Shankar is contesting from Congress. Both are leaders of the Lingayat community.

  Moreover, Gali Anil Kumar, who is a good leader in the Zaheerabad parliamentary constituency, and not the two Lingayat leaders, has become a hot topic. But so far, leaders belonging to other social groups have not won this parliamentary seat even once. Lingayat leaders have won thrice. Now suresh Shatkar from the congress which is in power in the state.. and sitting mp Baby Patil from bjp are contesting. Since both of them are Lingayat leaders, they know how to lose. kcr Gali has given a ticket to Anil Kumar from Zaheerabad. And let's see what the voters will decide in the end.

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