Politics: ncp leader sunil Tatkare's big statement...

Nationalist congress Party (NCP) state president and Mahayuti's Raigarh lok sabha candidate sunil Tatkare on saturday expressed confidence that the number of votes of his minority community will increase compared to the 2019 elections. In his speech at a meeting of the minority community in Mandangad, he said, "Today, caste-based forces are pretending to be secular; but we are working in their service in a true secular manner, without asking whether they ever have congratulated 'Eid Mubarak'." Tatkare, the sitting mp from Raigarh, is contesting against shiv sena (UBT) candidate and former Union minister Anant Geete. He said, "Politicians will be engaged in politics, but we know that we are working with secularism. We have done a lot of work to strengthen the youth of the minority community. Just like umbrellas come out during monsoon, elections come. Only Anant Geeta comes out. But sunil Tatkare is at your service 24 hours and will remain so in the future also.

"There is a misconception that the nda government is against the Muslim community. The government has implemented many schemes for the minority communities. Mandangad taluka of Raigarh constituency is also included in many minority schemes. Apart from this, for 40 years I have followed secular views. We have worked together. While participating in nda, we are also moving forward with the ideas and ideals of Shiv-Shahu-Phule-Ambedkar."

He said that the then minister Nawab Malik had proposed to increase the funds of Maulana azad Economic Development Corporation. He said, "Being the finance minister of the state, ajit pawar had sanctioned the funds and now the corporation's fund is Rs 800 crore, courtesy of Ajit Dada." sunil Tatkare said that the Muslim community had demanded an Iranian college because there was no such college in Maharashtra. After presenting the proposal to Medical education minister Hasan Mushrif, he approved Rs 340 crore for the college within 24 hours. He said that apart from this, a large amount of money has been given to the minority community through various schemes.

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