The political landscape in the rajampet parliamentary constituency is heating up with the entry of Nallari kiran kumar Reddy, the former chief minister of joint Andhra Pradesh, into the fray as a bjp candidate. kiran kumar Reddy, who has been away from active politics for a decade, is now facing off against mithun Reddy, the incumbent ycp MP and son of Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy.

Kiran Kumar Reddy's return to politics has stirred speculation about his prospects, especially considering his past political stature and the challenge posed by mithun Reddy, who has garnered significant support in the constituency. The BJP's presence in the region is limited, necessitating a reliance on the support of the TDP. However, the constituency has historically been dominated by the ycp, with mithun Reddy securing victory in the 2014 elections.

Despite the uphill battle, kiran kumar Reddy's candidacy has brought together opponents of Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, who are rallying behind him based on his previous tenure and the goodwill he garnered during his time as Chief Minister. kiran kumar Reddy's aspirations to win and potentially become a Union minister further fuel the competitive atmosphere in the constituency.

The political dynamics are further complicated by the shifting allegiances of former congress leaders to the ycp, posing additional challenges for kiran kumar Reddy's campaign. Nevertheless, kiran kumar Reddy's legacy and past initiatives in the region, coupled with the united support of his opponents' factions, present him with a fighting chance in the electoral battle against mithun Reddy.

As the campaign unfolds, rajampet emerges as a key battleground seat, with both candidates vying for victory and the potential to shape the political landscape in the region.

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