BJP's 'Mission 50' in UP, sunil Bansal himself took command…

National General Secretary sunil Bansal himself has taken command intending to give a big victory to the bharatiya janata party in Purvanchal. Even before this, in preparation for the lok sabha elections, he had discussed varanasi and other seats of the Kashi region. During a big meeting at the bjp regional office in Rohania, varanasi, he directly appealed to the youth to play a big role in the lok sabha elections. Enthusiastically, he said that there are 50 days left for the elections and they have to work with full honesty to achieve their goal.

"Ask for half days from the youth for the next 50 days"

According to the information received by ABP Live from bjp officials, a workshop meeting of youth evangelists was conducted at the regional office of bharatiya janata party in Rohania, varanasi under the leadership of sunil Bansal. In which the National General Secretary while appealing to the youth said that - Now there are 50 days left for the elections in which complete activism is necessary. If you work honestly for 5 hours every day, you will achieve better results than the set target. Out of 24 hours, we should do our work for half the day and be ready to party for the other half. The number of young voters in varanasi between 18 to 30 years is 5 lakh. And if we work with this determination power, our resolution will be fulfilled.

"National General Secretary gave five important tasks to the youth"

The National General Secretary said in the meeting that five important tasks have to be done in the next 50 days. In which the most important task is to organize Namo yuva Chaupal at all 340 shakti Kendras of varanasi lok sabha constituency within 10 days. Secondly, there are 1909 booths in varanasi lok sabha in which a list of 10 youths has to be made at each booth. In this list, 10 members should be first time voters. The third important task is to organize major programs like padayatra, bike rallies, conference, and seminars in the five major assemblies of Varanasi. The fourth important task is to form a team of 100 members of youth and go to the lok sabha constituency and do public relations. Apart from this, the last and fifth task has been set to contact the talented youth in the varanasi lok sabha constituency make a separate list of them, and connect them directly to prime minister Modi.

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