East Champaran: Walk over or tough fight!

Lok Sabha constituency from where former Union minister and senior bjp leader radha mohan Singh is contesting elections for the tenth time. They are hopeful about their victory but ever since RJD has given this seat to VIP, a strange dilemma has been going on here. A new name is emerging every day. Due to this, not only the opposition but also the outgoing MPs will be confused, even if that confusion is not visible on the surface. In this area, till now no strong candidate has come forward from the Grand Alliance to stake claim who can even give a fight to such a senior leader.

Analysts believe that the election here is a cakewalk for radha mohan Singh, that is, there is no one in front of him. However, politics is not so easy and overconfidence sometimes outweighs politics. Perhaps this is the reason why radha mohan Singh had to say that if mukesh Sahni is a Nishad well-wisher then he should show the ticket to some Nishad (Sahni). The reason behind this is that they want to bring mukesh Sahni on the back foot. Whereas the truth is that if mukesh Sahni gives a ticket to any Bhumihar or Vaishya candidate from this area who is an expert player of Sam-Dam-Dand-Bheed, then this election can turn into a tough competition for radha mohan Singh. On these lines, a new name is coming every day. Two names have come up who have connections with the bjp, the rest of the names of people associated with RJD are also coming up. But, if any of the two people associated with bjp whose names have come forward gets the ticket, then the fight here can be quite tough. One of them is a former bjp mp and the other is an old dedicated and popular worker of BJP. Both also fit into that caste equation.

Bihar elections are going to be a little different this time. However, the situation that was there till one month ago, i.e. the stronger the Grand Alliance was has weakened a bit. And because of this, the role of “deal” was dominating somewhere in ticket distribution. Now whether this “deal” is successful or turns into “no deal” will be decided on june 4.

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