If iran does not stop attacking then a third world war begin..?

Iran has finally attacked Israel. There were already two wars going on in the world. However, when the war between Hamas and israel started last year, iran was also indirectly fighting with Israel. Was with Hamas, supporting the rebels. Along with this, it was also trying to harass israel by helping Hezbollah and Syrian fighters. israel had warned iran many times in this matter, but with the help of its weapons, money, bombs, shells and money, it was helping Hamas by being in opposition to Israel.

Attack on israel, Iran's mistake

There is already a tension between israel and Iran. Keeping this in view, iran was straightening its wings, but israel attacked Iran's embassy in Damascus, Syria, in which two diplomats as well as seven other people were killed. Since then, iran has been burning with the feeling of revenge. iran had also threatened israel in this matter. America had also made it clear that iran should look at this issue carefully. If any kind of attack is made on israel by iran, America will be with Israel. Recently, iran has attacked israel through drones. iran has also captured an Israeli ship, whose crew members include about 17 Indians. In this matter, talks are being held with Tehran from the indian side and it is also hoped that within some time india will get its people released.

The whole world is already struggling with two wars, on one hand, there is the war between russia and ukraine and on the other hand, there is the war between Hamas and israel, which is directly impacting the politics and economy of the entire world. Many problems can arise due to a direct war between iran and Israel. So, many countries all over the world that are big, powerful, and prosperous, will have to take a stand on whether they are standing with iran or Israel. Many countries should make decisions with caution on all these issues. America especially will have to take this decision thoughtfully.

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