When the elections have come, campaigning is going on on one side, but on the other side, the survey is going on. On the basis of these surveys, the winners are also decided from time to time. But until recently the assembly elections were held in Telangana. He said that some surveys say that BRS will win, while others say that congress will definitely win. But it has been informed that it will lean towards congress to a greater extent. According to those surveys, congress has raised the stake of victory. Currently, politics in ap is going on very juicy.

Here there is a fierce competition between tdp alliance and YCP. Here too the surveys become very interesting. A recent survey shocked Jagan. Let's see what is in that survey.. But not many people can trust ETV, abn and TV5 surveys. Because they say that they give one-sided survey results. According to the latest New X survey, the telugu Desam alliance is going to win 18 parliamentary seats, while the ycp is limited to only 7 seats.

When it comes to Telangana, congress is predicted to win 8 seats, bjp 5, BRS 3 and mim 1. Surveys are like this but it's very interesting to tell which side people are on. people are going to the campaign programs of the party which has campaigned for it. But it has become difficult to tell where to vote. Meanwhile, with the release of the current survey, there is some disappointment in the ranks of the YCP. This is likely to increase their campaign.

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