- This is a big hot topic in ap political circles
- Chandrababu caught in Jagan's trap..
- Jagan's trustworthiness in front of Babu..!

(Amravati - Herald of India)

There should be strategies in politics. Must be farsighted. politics should be done in such a way that it is difficult for the opponents. politics should be carried out without strain or strain anywhere. This is the most important. Most important. This is what people vote for. Believe. But, if you look at the politics going on in AP.. the situation looks like a picture. It is being heard that tdp, which claims to be a 40-year industry, has put Chandrababu in the basket of YSP leader jagan who has only 12 years of experience.

Based on what jagan is saying.. if it is credible.. it will be discussed mainly in the elections. It is also what connects a leader to any people. In this matter, Chandrababu is getting clear before Jagan. At the same time, Chandrababu, who had to strategize to make jagan fall into his net, went straight and got caught in Jagan's net. If you look at the speeches of Chandrababu in the current elections, Chandrababu is saying that when he comes to power, he will continue the current schemes Money for women and other freebies.

Amma Odi is changing the name of Amma Odi to Salutation to Amma and Chandrababu is promoting it in the campaign. No matter how it is above.. Chandrababu is having trouble only at the field level. Because, Chandrababu who is constantly criticizing jagan is indirectly supporting his schemes. He's saying that if they come to power, they will continue the schemes implemented by Jagan. Among these, not only Amma Odi.. It is noteworthy that there are also volunteer and secretariat systems.

People are not paying much attention to this. Moreover, the discussion is going on to continue the schemes set by Jagan. Meanwhile, jagan is nowhere to be caught in Chandrababu's net. jagan is not saying anywhere that he will continue the schemes of tdp in the past but... will bring them back. There is no mention of Janmabhoomi committees or canteens during the previous tdp regime. That means.. jagan is not imitating Chandrababu but copying his schemes.

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