The rise of jagan Reddy against Chandrababu Naidu..!?

Jagan's experience is very little before Chandrababu's experience. Now and then, Chandrababu entered politics in 1978. He became a minister for the first time in the 1980s. After that, after the emergence of the telugu nation, ntr stayed behind and led behind the scenes in politics. And ntr subsequently turned the wheel at the center. At one stage they went to the range of deciding the heads of the country and presidents. It is said that even if he himself got the chance to become the Prime minister, he would not. When all this..? In the 1990s.probably by then jagan would have studied in any college. Since 2004, Chandrababu's politics has declined sharply. Tactics are messed up. YS came to power in 2004. jagan started his party and gained an image among the people.
In 2014, jagan, who had almost failed Chandrababu, lost power due to the people's support for Chandrababu's seniority. Even after that, jagan moved forward aggressively and with sharp strategies. At the same time, Chandrababu gradually declined. telugu Desam, which once shined as the second largest party in the Parliament.. from the national level to the level of a regional party.. and then downgraded to the level of a sub-regional party. In the telangana region where the telugu nation is suffocating, the party has almost disappeared and is confined to one AP.

On the other hand, jagan approached the people with qualities like aggressiveness, persistence, reliability, and side of the poor. In the last assembly election, the telugu states were shocked by winning 151 assemblies and 22 mp seats. The lowest number of seats in the history of that party. jagan is going to seek public opinion once again after five years. He is asking people to vote only if good things happen in his rule.

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