Pawan & Chandrababu's silence in Jagan's case..!?

After cm Jagan's injury, many leaders expressed sympathy. prime minister Modi also wished cm Jagan a speedy recovery. tamil Nadu cm Stalin also expressed his sympathy. Meanwhile, chandrababu naidu of the nda alliance demanded strict punishment for the accused in the stone attack. So far so good but janasena leader pawan kalyan has not posted at least one post on this attack. Moreover, he made more sensational comments in the assembly. He criticized the ycp leaders for saying that if cm Jagan gets hurt, the state gets hurt. He asked if the state was not injured when a boy named amarnath was killed in bapatla district.
It was asked if 30 thousand girl children in the state were to go missing and not hurt. Sugali asked whether the state was not hurt when injustice was done to Preeti's family. The DGP asked what the surveillance department was doing. How many times do you have to believe the story? We lost faith. Satires were made to stop these dramas. However, if there is an attack on the cm of the state, many people think that it is not appropriate to show sympathy and talk like this. Even if the parties are different, there should be no personal feud between the leaders. But YSP leaders are angry that both Chandrababu and pawan kalyan are acting like a faction in Jagan's case.

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