The culture of Stone attacks are not good for Democracy..!?

Stone pelting during the elections in ap is creating a stir. Before the stone attack on ap cm jagan Mohan reddy in vijayawada on saturday night, janasena chief pawan kalyan was attacked on a similar scale on Sunday. While discussing these two incidents, another opposition leader was pelted with stones in the visakha district. pawan kalyan is continuing his yatra in Varahi vehicle in tenali of guntur district. In this sequence, an unidentified person threw a stone at Pawan. Pawan was alarmed by this. Keeping that stone in mind, they walked away. The police immediately caught the accused. Later he was handed over to the police. But who is that person? The police are currently investigating why it was thrown.
Meanwhile, politics in ap has reached its climax. There is not even a month to wait for the elections. As a result, politics has turned around stones. Seeing the attacks being used by the politicians for their needs, to gain sympathy, the common citizens feel disgusted with politics. In the past, similar stone pelting took place during the nara lokesh Yuvagalam Padayatra. Now it is happening on the heads of political parties. The leaders of the respective parties who are supposed to condemn these are trying to throw mud at each other. In the past, tdp made videos of Kodali Nani's speech viral, and ycp is making videos of Chandrababu's provocation. The ycp leaders are mocking and talking about the attack on janasena leader Pawan Kalyan. On the whole, the culture of these attacks is not good for democracy, analysts say.

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