The Goal behind the Stone attack on cm Jagan..!?

The attack on ap cm jagan recently became a sensation across the state. Many are taking it easy due to past experiences. Comments are also heard that all this is for Sanu Bhuti. On the other hand, the pro-YCP media is publishing stories that there has been an assassination attempt on Jagan. The yellow media, which is the opposite group, describes it as a drama. Common people do not understand what actually happened. But who did this attack? What is their goal? The questions are currently not being answered. Actually, if one politician is criticized by another political leader, there is no big problem. Moreover, now ap politics has gone to personal matters. But no one tolerates physical attacks. Because whether you like it or not, it is not reasonable for one person to physically attack another person.
But in the wake of the attack on jagan, they are trying to use it politically by keeping aside the real issues. If tdp is accusing ycp of doing this for sympathy... No. The leaders of that party are criticizing that the tdp leaders are attacking us because they cannot tolerate the response we have received. Meanwhile, a different angle has come out saying that the intention behind the original attack was different. Ganja batch and blade batches circulate more in Vijayawada. They attack anyone passing through that road and take as much cash as they can. They compete and throw a lot of stones. Many people suspect that they have attacked for fun or because of the CM's anger over the increase in liquor prices. But politicians say that they do not commit such incidents.

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