Why jagan is so confident..? Chandrababu's Fear..!?

•Confidence in Jagan.
•Chandrababu is afraid even though everything is favorable.
• The andhra pradesh election is a death row.

The election battle is going on in Andhra Pradesh. In the background of elections to be held in the next 27 days. As the election time is approaching, fear is spreading among the leaders. On the other hand, some surveys are saying that ycp will win..other surveys are giving tdp the crown..but no matter what the surveys are..when you see ycp leader Jagan..and tdp leader Chandrababu..if you see a lack of composure in Jagan..but Babu is afraid..But now let's see what is the reason for Chandrababu's fear...Jagan's slowness.

Chandrababu is in the safe zone because now he is correcting the mistakes made in the 2019 elections.. in alliance with the BJP.. and also in alliance with the janasena who lost their votes in the past.. and now telugu desam party chief chandrababu naidu has favored them.. the alliance is moving forward strongly. It seems that more than 90% of the votes against ycp will fall to the alliance. Moreover, in andhra pradesh, if it is not Jaganmohan reddy or Chandrababu, it is going on as if he is the one. On the other hand, there is a chance that the tdp, which has formed a strong alliance, has a chance to have some edge. It is also said that this cannot be beaten... Even though there are some positive points, the discussion has also started about why Chandrababu is expressing concern. For example, congress, which was not even visible in telangana for almost 10 years, came to power in Telangana. The reason for this can be said to be the positive vibes filled by revanth reddy among the people. Speaking in the assembly, he also said that he would take oath as cm on december 9. Creating a positive buzz among the people that the congress government will come a month before is very good for him.. but Chandrababu is not able to say that he will become the cm so strongly.

On the other hand, why is jagan showing such slowness that if he wins, it will be a bumper victory? Otherwise, he is acting as if there is no problem even if it is opposition.. Currently, jagan is only 52 years old. It will be 57 years before the next election... He can do politics for another two decades from now. So he is moving ahead slowly even leaving the surveys aside. Especially jagan is making sure that there is no change in his facial expressions. If the votes for ycp decrease and the seats decrease, there is a possibility that those who saw Jagan's slowness will change their mind and turn to YCP. Even if it is said in favor.. the actual result is not known until people vote and win.. if tdp loses.. what is the future? There is a lot of worry in him.. that's why he is not able to appear so slowly... Overall, the win slowness seen in jagan when he sees both of them.. is creating anxiety in Babu. If Babu's concern is true, then there is no doubt that tdp will not be able to maintain its power again.

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