Raghava Lawrence's group of people with disabilities mixing in traditional tamil Mallar Kamba art! 

Photographs of the team of Dalthilalani, who honed their skills with the help of actor-director Raghava lawrence, mixed in the art of Mallar Kamba.

Raghava lawrence, who is a leading star actor in the tamil film industry, is more than a film hero, he also does many things in real life.In that sense, the traditional Tamilian Mallar Kampam adventure art event was, until now, an event in which only the able-bodied could participate. Presently, on behalf of Raghava Lawrence's "Giving Hands" group of disabled people, the Mallar Gampam adventure event, in which disabled people also participated, was held in the presence of friends from the press and media.

Master Raghava lawrence, who was present on the occasion, extended his greetings to all the participants. Then he spoke about this group.

The person who spoke then said that it is this group of people with disabilities who always inspire me. Whenever I feel down, I watch them dance and get inspired. Whenever I get a chance, I make them dance to the songs. They say, master, that they are the same for some time in the cinema, so no matter how many times Nayanthara dances, let them watch our films like that. For some time now I have worried that their chances are slim. Only then, master said, there is something called 'Malar Kampam' and we learn it. Can you do this with a strong body? I asked, but they said we could.

They learned the same, and it's awe-inspiring to see what they're doing here. There is nothing they cannot do. They can do everything. The main reason for this press conference is to give them an opportunity. They are struggling even to pay the rent. So give them a chance at your house party, known events.

I will call them and congratulate all the performers in the video. I will do my best for them. This art will keep them alive. Tomorrow I will give all of them a scooty at my house to learn this art. Not only that, I am going to make a film with differently-abled people, and with the proceeds, I will build houses for them. I request you to continue to give them a chance, thank you. lawrence -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>raghava lawrence praised master Adityan and his team for teaching this art.

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