Ship captured by Iran.. kerala woman including 17 indians in distress - New allegation stirring up a storm!

Kerala: A woman from kerala was among the 17 indians aboard an Israeli cargo ship seized by iran in the gulf region, her family said.The family of Antesa Joseph, a woman aboard the ship held captive by iran, said she was among Lin's crew on board, according to a video shown on local TV channels. But they have alleged that the kerala Chief Minister's letter to the Ministry of External Affairs did not mention anything about their daughter.

Subsequently, an official of the chief minister's office said that initially there was no information about the presence of the woman. But when they came to know about this, the matter was taken to the central government, he said. The Department of Non-Resident kerala Affairs (NORKA) has also been directed to take necessary action, the official added.

In the video, the girl's father said that the absence of his daughter's name in the letter caused pain and the matter affected him mentally. The girl's family hails from Thrissur. The father has said that he has not received any notification from the state or central governments about his daughter's current condition.

“It was the company that owned the ship that informed me that my daughter was safe. And he said he last spoke to his daughter on Friday. "He used to call every morning regularly. But the day after Friday, he didn't call, so we tried to call him".

"But we could not contact him. Later in the afternoon, when the company that owns the ship called, he told us what had happened," he said. Meanwhile, iran has said Tehran will "soon" allow indian officials to meet the 17 indian crew members aboard the cargo ship.

It is noteworthy that the MSC Aries was seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guards near the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, april 13.

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