Modi's conspiracy to reduce the strength of Tamilnadu.. 39 constituencies will reduce to 31 - stalin warns

Chief minister stalin has said that lok sabha seats are arranged in the new parliament building to accommodate 888 people as a knife hanging over our heads.

A blatant conspiracy by Modi

Chief minister stalin has said that the bjp government is planning to reduce the number of 39 constituencies in tamil Nadu in Parliament. Why should bjp never come in this regard? He published a social media post titled In, Modi's blatant conspiracy to reduce the strength of tamil Nadu. It's never dawn if you don't wake up now. bjp A serious disadvantage for tamil Nadu if it comes back to power is to increase the number of members in the parliament of india in the name of constituency realignment. Achara has been set to punish the states including tamilnadu which have controlled the population better.

A knife hanging over the head

The knife hanging over our heads is that the new parliament building has 888 seats in the Lok Sabha. What is the justification for punishing states that do well on population control and doubling the number of constituencies for states that don't? Isn't it a danger to democracy to punish us for doing well!? The Modi government does not respect the demands of tamil Nadu, right now. We are forced to approach the supreme court every time even for basic rights.

There is no difference between Modi and EPS

In this, if our representation in the lok sabha further decreases, the Tamils will be defeated by the BJP. The government will cash out! We are already experiencing discriminatory injustice in tax distribution. Let's put an end to the dictatorial Modi regime that takes away political rights, suppresses the intellectual voice of tamil Nadu and makes them second-class citizens. There is no difference between voting for Modi's bjp and voting for Edappadi Palaniswami's ADMK. No one wins. Modi will not make a false promise for the election that he will not reduce the strength of tamil Nadu in the Lok Sabha. Let's ignore bjp and their hidden allies ADMK who are so openly trying to destroy tamil Nadu! chief minister stalin said

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