Listen to the right; Seek success for India's alliance: cm Stalin's letter!

Chief minister Stalin has written a letter to siblings to seek success for India. I ask with one of you, Muthuvel karunanidhi Stalin. chief minister Stalin has urged DMK siblings to stand on the side of justice and seek an unprecedented victory for the india coalition. This is not what chief minister Stalin has said in a letter to DMK siblings; “Voting for the 2024 parliamentary elections called the Second Liberation war of india will be held on april 19 in 40 seats, including tamil Nadu and Puthuvai. I urge all the voters to vote for the 'India' coalition candidates to elect a new prime minister who respects democracy and democracy praises federalism and defends the integrity of India. It is the day of the dawn of the new india and the dawn of the new india - april 19.

This is an election to decide who should not continue to rule, rather than who will come to power. Modi stood in the electoral field with the masks of the gujarat model and the hero of development. It has been revealed in the decade that his gujarat model is fake and that the hero of development is false. people are clear. Now everyone knows, 'Corruption Modi'. The election corruption has exposed the BJP's accumulation of billions of crores of rupees by using investigators such as the Enforcement, Income Tax Department and the CBI.

  The largest corruption in the world, the largest abuse of independent india, the bharatiya janata party the bharatiya janata party, and narendra modi have created the fake image of the media. prime minister narendra modi is justifying the corrupt electoral bond scheme after the supreme court ruled that the election bond was illegal and illegal. If such a Himalayan corruption has taken place in any other country, the prime minister of the country will be resigned. Modi has ruined the entire india for his selfish politics. The Modi government has faced defeat on all platforms on restoring black money, giving corrupt regime, creating employment, increasing career growth, eradicating poverty, implementing social justice programs, creating an egalitarian society, ensuring security, and improving women's lives. Unemployed unemployment has distorted millions of young people's dreams. The rise in poisoning has ruined the lives of the poor. petrol, diesel, and customs looting have caused the middle class. The ruthless GST has distorted small and marginal industries. They think of the tension in society through the hatred of religious hate, which is always buried in secularism.

The constitution, composed by Anal Ambedkar, has been a major crisis. There is no day when opposition leaders, even the chief minister of the states, are the brutality of arresting and imprisoning, and the injustice of the government, the government of the government, and the implementation of the selected states of the people's welfare schemes, the tax and the financial sharing of the states. The state's rights seizure has continued to be carried out by the Modi government. In Independent india, the most tax on petrol and diesel on the name of chess, sarcasm, without sharing it with the states, and the worst regime of Modi's rule, Modi's rule!

The people know that the Modi-led regime is a tyrannical regime that compels the states to seek the supreme court for daily and normal administrative procedures, such as flood relief, drought relief, permitting legislation, and appointing vice-chancellors. This is an election to teach the rulers who are shaking the stomachs of the state, which is a proud act of suppressing state rights. narendra modi has lost his duty as the prime minister of a great and great democratic country like India. Therefore, he must be disposed of from the chair. If Modi comes to power again, the country will not bear it. The RSS -BJP rulers hindi as the dictatorial chancellor's ruling country

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