Annamalai: No cancellation of NEET exam even if he dies; Annamalai's response caused uproar in the alliance

Annamalai's response that the NEET exam will not be canceled even if his life is lost has left the parties including BAM, and AAMUK in the alliance in a state of embarrassment. As the final phase of campaigning for the lok sabha elections ends today, all the candidates are actively campaigning in their constituencies. In that way, bjp candidate annamalai campaigned in Puliyamarattu Palayam next to Sultanpet, Sulur, coimbatore district. At that time, a student who was standing there raised a series of questions to Annamalai. annamalai continued to answer every question raised by a young woman.

At that time, many students committed suicide in tamil Nadu due to the NEET exam. He questioned whether the NEET exam would be canceled. annamalai replied that the NEET exam will not be canceled even if he dies. Many students from poor families in tamil Nadu are studying medicine in medical colleges through the NEET examination. If there is no NEET examination, students will study medicine only in medical colleges run by DMK ministers and their deputies. When watching Modi's Rosho, only the funeral procession comes to mind - CV Shanmugam quips. In tamil Nadu, political parties encourage students who fail in NEET to commit suicide. Imprisoning a person who attempts suicide will reduce the number of suicides. He said that if we can do politics only if NEET is canceled, we don't need that politics.

In the meantime, parties including BMC and AAMUK, which are part of the bjp alliance, have raised the slogan that the NEET exam should be canceled earlier, but Annamalai's response has caused embarrassment among the alliance party leaders.

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