Stalin couldn't catch a tiger in the locality. Will go to delhi to catch a dinosaur- Vindhya teases

A lamb is hammering that I am the leader. Vindhya, who criticized tamil Nadu as mutton and goat biryani after the elections, has no lotus for the BJP. Oaktree. He said that it should be cut as it grows.

The final phase of the election campaign

With the parliamentary election campaign coming to an end this evening, the final phase of vote collection is getting intense. Accordingly, AIADMK Policy Propagation Deputy Secretary Vindhya campaigned in support of AIADMK candidate Arunachal in Tirupur North and South assembly constituencies. Speaking to the voters at that time, he said that Tirupur is a town that relies on labor for its survival. It is a town that gives jobs to the people of North Nadu as well. He criticized DMK as a wasted city.

  Achievements during AIADMK rule

The people of Tirupur should vote for the AIADMK which has given an indestructible fig tree plan. How safe were we under the AIADMK rule for 10 years? AIADMK has been the ruling party for 30 years out of 52 years since its inception, Amma was the one who lived for the people. What did AIADMK do wrong? He questioned Tappa who gave laptops to students, Tappa gave gold for thali to women, where was our government during the Corona period, Tappa helped in Haj, and velankanni Yatra, Tappa gave good programs to the people without sacrificing the central government.

DMK: DMK youth team threw flowers by JCP.

DMK doing fake advertisement

DMK is deceiving people by giving fake advertisements. DMK did nothing for the people in 3 years in power. DMK did not come up with a single good plan. The good projects that were in Amma's regime have been stopped. The Vindhya DMK is relying on false propaganda, criticizing the clueless stalin for catching a fake dinosaur in delhi to catch a tiger locally. DMK Udayanidhi. He is still mourning the brick he threw in 2019. What good is he doing to the people of tamil Nadu? They said they would abolish NEET. Unable to lift things that are hostile to the people, Udayanidhi has been throwing bricks, and he is only offering gas for 500 rupees, but it is an empty cylinder.

A lamb is hammering that I am the leader. Goat and mutton biryani will become after the elections. As far as tamilnadu is concerned, there is no bjp lotus. Oaktree. It should be cut as it grows. annamalai who changes race and language for politics can't even be a good person. Don't trust bjp and DMK who treat the people of tamil Nadu with a stepfather attitude. Looking at the advertisements, there is no big difference between DMK and BJP. Vindhya said that both the parties will cheat

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