Chandrababu Naidu, with his extensive political experience spanning four decades and a tenure of 14 years as Chief Minister, commands attention when he speaks. However, some of his recent remarks at a public meeting in krishna district's pedana have drawn mixed reactions.

Naidu's assertion that his party may lack financial resources but possesses honesty has elicited laughter from the audience. He accused jagan of attempting to buy votes with money acquired through dubious means like liquor, sand, and land grabs. Naidu highlighted instances of ycp leaders defecting due to alleged harassment by Jagan's administration.

Balashauri, a former mp who recently joined Jana Sena, echoed Naidu's sentiments, emphasizing the alliance's agenda of welfare, development, and safeguarding democracy. Naidu even employed mythological references, likening jagan to the demon Ravana and urging the people to metaphorically slay him as Lord Rama did.

Critiquing Jagan's governance, Naidu quipped about Jagan's purported reliance on others for decision-making, referring to him as someone who merely "presses buttons." He also criticized the credibility of Jagan's actions, suggesting they were theatrical rather than genuine.

While Naidu's criticism of jagan is expected, questions arise about his own financial standing, given allegations of possessing vast assets. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan's escalating criticism of jagan, particularly his suggestion that jagan might not need politics, has become a topic of discussion.

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