The kadapa Lok Sabha constituency is currently embroiled in political tension following accusations made by sharmila and Sunita against avinash regarding the death of Vivekananda Reddy. These allegations have cast doubt on Avinash's role, leading to a decline in his support among the people. Both sharmila and Sunita, being prominent figures in Andhra Pradesh, have brought significant attention to their accusations.

Avinash reddy, who won the kadapa mp seat in the 2019 elections, is facing challenges as more individuals turn against him due to the sisters' demand for justice. Meanwhile, sharmila, contesting for the same mp seat and serving as the president of APPC, is gaining popularity. However, the ycp is encountering difficulties within the kadapa constituency, particularly in areas like jammalamadugu, Proddatur, Maidukuru, and Kamalapuram.

Issues such as the dissatisfaction with Dr. sudhir reddy in jammalamadugu and unfulfilled promises, such as the pledge to provide Rs 10 lakh to flood victims from gandikota Reservoir, are contributing to the YCP's challenges. Furthermore, concerns related to mla Rachamallu Sivaprasad reddy are adding to the party's distance from the electorate in Proddatur.

The current situation poses significant challenges for avinash and the YCP. Whether avinash can address these issues effectively and regain the trust and support of the people remains uncertain. The upcoming elections will determine the impact of these developments on Avinash's electoral prospects.

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