The political landscape in andhra pradesh is witnessing significant shifts as leaders from various parties make strategic moves ahead of the upcoming elections. In particular, the Godavari districts are emerging as crucial battlegrounds where the balance of power could be decided.

Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the janasena Party, has vowed to prevent the ycp from winning any seats in the Godavari districts. However, despite his efforts to rally support for the alliance, some leaders who have long been associated with janasena are defecting to the YCP. This includes leaders from areas like Amalapuram, Mammidivaram, and vijayawada East and West.

The latest development involves Bontu Rajeswara Rao, a prominent figure in the rajolu constituency of Konaseema district, indicating his intention to resign from Janasena. Rajeswara Rao's decision comes amidst discontent over seat allocations within janasena, particularly concerning the rajolu constituency. In the previous election, Rajeswara Rao lost to a ycp candidate, rapaka Varaprasad, who was also representing janasena at the time.

Rajeswara Rao's supporters have expressed dissatisfaction over the seat allocation process, and his potential defection to the ycp could deal a significant blow to Janasena's prospects in Konaseema. Reports suggest that he may formally join the ycp in the presence of chief minister Jaganmohan reddy during a bus tour in Godavari district.

If Rajeswara Rao indeed switches allegiance to the ycp, it could reshape the political dynamics in Konaseema and impact Janasena's electoral fortunes in the region. The evolving situation underscores the fluid nature of politics in andhra pradesh, where alliances and defections play crucial roles in determining electoral outcomes.

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