In South india, How Many lok sabha Seats Will the bjp Win?


Revanth reddy, the chief minister of telangana, has forecast that the bharatiya janata party will have difficulty gaining support from South indian voters and will secure less than fifteen of the 130 lok sabha seats in the region. With an emphasis on kerala and tamil Nadu, the bjp has made great efforts to increase its influence in the southern states ahead of the general election of 2024. In an attempt to garner support, prime minister Narendra Modi has visited those states more than a dozen times in recent weeks. According to revanth reddy, NDTV, that support is not likely to materialize.

Mr. reddy told NDTV he anticipates the india group to pick up between 115 and 120 of the 130 seats, which would be a huge boost in its bid to unseat the Prime Minister's party. Mr. reddy led his party to a stunning win over the bjp and the Bharat Rashtra Samithi in the previous year's assembly election.

"There are 130 seats in the south; the bjp will barely secure 12–15. "The rest will go with india," Mr. reddy stated to NDTV during a rally in Attingal, kerala, for Adoor Prakash, the congress candidate. Currently serving as an MP, Mr. Prakash defeated A sampath of the party OF INDIA' target='_blank' title='communist party of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>communist party of india (Marxist) in the elections that took place in 2009 and 2014. Similar to many other state seats, Attingal has alternated between the congress and the CPIM, with the bjp typically coming in third.

In actuality, despite running for roughly 180 segments in the last two state elections, Mr. Modi's party has only ever won one assembly seat and no lok sabha seat in the state. According to Mr. reddy, kerala will yield india all 20 lok sabha seats. The chief minister of telangana said, "This time, I think bjp won't even get deposits back from the seats it is contesting." The congress and its supporters, who were then part of the United Progressive Alliance, won every state in the 2019 election. The only gain for the bjp could be a little higher vote share. The two largest parties in the bloc, the government CPIM and congress, will, nevertheless, face off against the bjp in kerala this time around after they were unable to reach an agreement on seat sharing.

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