Once there was no opposition to the telugu Desam Party. Those of the opposite parties would be cowed by their tactics. Such a tdp government can be said to be far behind. Chandrababu is going ahead by targeting the leaders without sharpening his strategies. Due to this, it can be said that tdp will not be able to make its voice heard throughout the state. But the election will be held in ap on May 13. With this, party chief Chandrababu janasena chief pawan kalyan is making yatras across the state. They mainly focused only on those leaders. It seems that they are doing anything to defeat them. Four of them are kamma social class leaders. It is important to mention that vallabhaneni vamsi Mohan who is contesting from gannavaram, devineni avinash who is contesting from vijayawada East, kesineni nani as vijayawada ycp mp candidate, and nani -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kodali nani of Gudiwada ycp candidate has been targeted by TDP.

  But the main reason for tdp to target them is that Devine was defeated by Avinash gudivada on behalf of tdp during the 2019 election time. After that they visited YCP. But he attacked tdp office in mangalagiri when YSP was in power. Besides, sitting mla Gadda Rammohan is contesting from vijayawada East on behalf of TDP. vallabhaneni vamsi contested from gannavaram from tdp in the last election and won. He joined ycp within a few days. He targeted lokesh and Chandrababu and made comments insulting Chandrababu's wife. At one point, a tdp leader from khammam openly commented that he would give 50 lakhs if Vamsi's head was cut off. Also, the tdp office was vandalized in Gannavaram. Due to this tdp targeted him. And Keshineni nani won as mp from vijayawada in 2014 and 2019 elections from TDP.

After that Chandrababu was denied ticket this time due to talking targeting lokesh, he joined YCP. This seat was allotted to his younger brother Kesine. And the most important person is gudivada mla Kodali Nani. nani, who won in 2004 and 2009 on behalf of tdp, then won the 2014 and 2019 elections in YCP. He targeted Chandrababu's son lokesh and increased his popularity by making personal insults. The tdp decided to check him in the elections and fielded a candidate named Venigandla ramu against him. Another person is minister Jogi Ramesh. He is contesting from Penamalur. At that time, there were allegations that Chandrababu's house in undavalli was attacked and insulted by a large convoy of cars. At this time, the tdp was determined to defeat jogi ramesh as there were more Kammas in that constituency.

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