As the political elections in andhra pradesh reach a critical juncture, key leaders are actively filing nominations and engaging in campaign activities. chief minister jagan is currently on a bus tour in east Godavari, while pawan kalyan is set to file his nomination in pithapuram on the 23rd of this month. Chandrababu Naidu, it seems, is filing his nomination today.

Today, jagan is scheduled to visit the Godavari district, which holds significant importance for all parties vying for power. Meanwhile, pawan kalyan is conducting a roadshow in the pithapuram constituency.

As part of his bus tour, jagan, after overnighting in st Rajapuram, will proceed through Rangampet, Peddapuram, and Samarlakota bypass, culminating in a meeting at Atchampeta Junction in kakinada at three o'clock in the afternoon. Subsequently, he will head to the pithapuram Bypass, passing through Gollappuri bypass via Kathipudi, Tuni, and Pakarayapet Bypass, before staying the night at Godicherla Cross.

In pithapuram, vanga geetha is set to contest from the ycp against Pawan Kalyan. The leaders and activists in pithapuram are confident of her victory, attributing it to the YCP's emphasis on welfare since coming to power.

Tomorrow, Pawan will kick off his election campaign in pithapuram, prompting jagan to devise strategies to counter him. Following tonight's stay, crucial decisions are expected to be made after consulting with leaders from the kakinada Parliament constituency.

Moreover, after the 25th of this month, cm jagan plans to participate in various meetings. Opposition leaders are wary of the growing support for the ycp in the Godavari district. jagan has also criticized pawan kalyan while highlighting the welfare programs implemented during his tenure.

The ycp leaders are buoyed by the response to Jagan's Yatra, and they are strategizing to counter pawan kalyan effectively in Pithapuram. The unfolding events will determine the political landscape leading up to the elections.

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